About Cote

Our Founders

Cote Winery was founded in 2022 by newlyweds, Mike and Brittni Szorady. Brittni started making wine several years ago and loved the process of figuring out how to turn kit wine into something of her own. A few years later she had the opportunity to work closely with the previous owner of Sand Hollow Winery in Newark, Ohio and that gave her the courage to strike out on her own.

Our process

Our wines are produced in stainless steel variable capacity tanks. Each bottle of wine is filtered twice for optimal taste, clarity, and stability. You'll notice several vines growing around the property which you're able to observe from the parking lot and tasting room.

Our Labels

You’ll notice that the label on each of our 8 varietals has a unique painting. These paintings are original oil paintings by Brittni and provide the names for each of our wines. You’ll see some of these paintings on display in the tasting room / art gallery at Cote Winery. They are available to purchase along with other items in the gift shop. You can also go directly to her website, Brittni Hall Art.

My hope for creating Cote Winery, is that it brings art lovers and wine lovers together to enjoy both worlds in one space.

- Brittni Szorady, Owner & Vintner

Silver Wine Club

The Silver Wine Club, perfect for those looking to expand their wine palate. You'll pay a monthly fee and receive an email each month to update your bottle of wine if you'd like to change it. With the Silver Wine Club you'll receive:

  • One bottle of wine of your choice a month
  • One wine flight, 4oz pours of 3 wines, once a month
  • Pay a set monthly price
  • Cancel at any time
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Gold Wine Club

The Gold Wine Club, perfect for couples looking for date night options. You'll pay a monthly fee and receive an email each month to update your bottles of wine if you'd like to change them. With the Gold Wine Club you'll receive:

  • Two bottles of wine of your choice a month
  • Two wine flights, 4oz pours of 3 wines, once a month
  • Pay a set monthly price
  • Cancel at any time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Dogs are allowed at Cote Winery. We ask that you keep them on leashes at all times and that they remain on the outdoor patios. We will allow short trips inside to get beverages or food. Please make sure your animal is friendly to other pets and people as we’d like to avoid any issues that impact the safety or experience of our other guests. We do reserve the right to ask the pet to leave at any point if we feel there is a question of safety.

We are located 15 minutes West of the 71 North exit 140. The Winery is located off of Highway 42 and is one minute South of downtown Mt. Gilead. Be sure to look for the Cote Winery sign noting the driveway entrance.

Currently we will be open Thursdays from 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Fridays from 4:00pm - 9:00pm and Saturdays 1:00pm - 9:00pm. The winery has Summer and Winter hours. The closing time alternates between 8pm and 9pm depending on the season.

We offer By Appointment Hours so you're able to stop by outside of our normal business hours. We do ask that you give us at least a 30 minute notice either by calling or texting (419) 210 - 3639 or emailing info@cotewinery.com.

Yes! We have a few different options for rentals and space reservations. You can review our event packages here and fill out our space rental or reservation form to reserve your event today. Please be sure to review our cancellation policies prior to submitting your form.

Yes! We always have build your own adventure charcuterie boards for purchase at Cote Winery and occasionally a food truck on site. There are a few restaurants in the area, some deliver, and the menus will be at the bar. You're more than welcome to place a delivery order (just mention that you're at Cote Winery) or bring in food of your own. Please refrain from drinking if you are driving to pick up a to-go order. We do ask that you clean up any food brought in. Thank you!

We have a large parking lot and are looking for food trucks to be on site during business hours. If you are a food truck vendor and are interested in this opportunity, please head over to our Contact page and drop us a note. Let us know what food you serve and your availability, keeping in mind our hours of operation.

We have an assortment of charcuterie boards that you can choose from. These include meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolate, and nuts depending on your selection.

You must be 21 years of age to drink at Cote Winery. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times at Cote Winery. We ask that you be mindful of the pond on the property and that you are aware of where you child is at all times. We don't want any accidents to happen or any of our other guests to be disturbed. If you are bringing children please insure that the driver is sober, we have plenty of non-alcoholic options so everyone can enjoy their time at Cote Winery.

Cote Winery has a collection of soda, water, juice, and a few non-alcoholic beers for you to choose from.

The pond is currently under construction and won't be open to Winery customers until next year. We're trying to make this a place where customers can relax through a hiking trail, but we have some work to do first.